What’s with the “G” in Masonic Square and Compass?

In Masonic Lodges there is normally a letter “G” in the centre of the ceiling. Over the years I’ve heard a few different reasons for it, and what the G stands for – and it’s most likely not what you would initially think. However, it’s not the placement of that G I’m talking about here.

If you look at Masonic jewellery (such as rings, lapel badges, etc), especially online, you will often see the letter G in the middle of the Square and Compass. This is the North American symbol for Freemasons. Lodges in the UK, and therefore in the Register of the United Grand Lodge of England don’t have the G, just the square and compasses.

It’s worth bearing this in mind when looking for a Masonic treat for yourself. It would also be a good idea to let wives and family know this little bit of information should they be looking for Masonic gifts for you.

Should you buy, or receive a gift, which has a G then no-one is really going to complain, and other Masons recognise the sign – it’s unlike the majority will know the difference between the G, and not having the G!