Not long to go

Just working out my “revision schedule” and realised that I have 105 days until I get installed into the Chair of Kennet Lodge.

Part of me is relieved because they is actually a little longer than I expected, though another part of me realises that this time can fly by!

Learning Masonic Ritual

I’ve not been hitting the Blue Book as much as I had planned to over the last few weeks, but have been looking at installing the IPM and Wardens recently. Knowing I have over a hundred days of learning Masonic ritual does take the pressure off, they are parts that though they aren’t huge, I’m having trouble with. I guess this is because they are peices you don’t hear regularly – in fact I’ve never heard the IPM presentation.

But, knowing I have 105 days makes it very easy to “put off until tomorrow”, and suddenly those tomorrows start running out, and before I know it rehearsal will be bearing down and I’ll realised I’ve squandered my time.

Of course, I don’t just want to spend the next 100 days learning the Installation of my officers, but also for the ceremonies for the coming year. I know we have a new candidate to be Initiated the following month, so I need to structure the time between now and the Installation be word perfect for that ceremony, and get solid foundations down for all the other ceremonies. Then when one ceremony is done I have the next month to get word perfect (NOT learn!) for the next one.

I want to create a “100 days to The Chair” schedule, breaking down what needs to be done on each day, giving variety, but also enough repetition. I’ll publish it on the webite over the next couple of days, and record how I went with it and make revisions and improvements, and that should make a valuable resource for other Master Elects.