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In The Chair, Newsletter #2, February 2016

Hi there,

I hope you are keeping well and having a great start to 2016. Thanks for subscribing to the newsletter –  it really means a lot that people are enjoying In The Chair and want to find out more!

The Future of In The Chair, Masonic Podcast

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of podcasts over the last couple of weeks. Although the average podcast may last between 45 minutes to an hour; many, many more hours are spent creating that podcast (and everything that goes with it). On average each podcast you hear probably takes me about a day of my time.

Unfortunately time is a commodity I don’t have an unlimited supply of. I have created In The Chair off my own back – with no support or finance backing from anyone else. It doesn’t have adverts or sponsors (I occassionally get a small commission from Amazon if people buy a book I link to, though over the last 6 months this amount to less than £10!)

Being self employed means that over the last six months I have had to take time away from my own business to get out these weekly episodes. Therefore my own business has also suffered – not only does In The Chair cost me money to produce and host, it’s also costing me in lost income elsewhere. I frankly can not afford to continue a weekly podcast with no return!

I am not stopping the podcast completely. I do have some further interviews lined up, but these are likely to be more sporadic, and probably shorter in length. Should In The Chair get advertising or sponsorship to at least help towards running costs I incur then naturally I can dedicate some more time to it.

If you have any suggestions for future interviews (or would like to be a guest on the show yourself) please let me know; much of my time is spent trying to arrange interviews and track down guests.

Podcasts of 2016 so far

Even if I do say so myself, there have been some great episode of In The Chair already this year:

Episode 21: Freemasonry In Turkey with Baris Erman
Episode 22: Being a Gentleman & Mason with Jaun Sepulveda
Episode 23: The Future of Freemasonry with David West (part 1)
Episode 24: Managing Freemasonry with David West (part 2 of the interview)

Managing the Future of Freemasonry by David WestThe interview with David West (split over episodes 23 and 24) are really important listening, and I highly recommend reading David’s book, “Managing The Future of Freemasonry“. It has already prompted some much heated debate on Twitter.

The full list of episodes is on the website, or you can listen (and subscribe) on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Sharing is Caring

Although the podcast is primarily targeted to younger Freemasons, it’s also suitable for anyone interested in finding out more Freemasonry, as well as more experienced Freemasons so please tell people about it. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible. Each page of the website (such as the page relating to your favourite episode) now has some buttons on so can share links to that page via social media or email.

Masonic Podcast Flyer for NewsletterYou can also download some flyers you can print out and give to people, as well as a jpeg version you can include in emails or put on a website.

And remember to follow on Twitter and join the Facebook group.

Useful Resources

I’ve also set up a page taking you through the process of setting up a website for your Lodge from scratch, as well as taking into account the type of content the site needs to generate enquiries and hopefully bring new candidates.

Coming Up

Make sure you are subscribed on iTunes or Stitcher so that the podcasts are downloaded automatically to your device when they are released.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future shows please let me know, especially if you have anything you’d like to contribute yourself: [email protected].

Many thanks for listening to the show, I hope you continue to enjoy In The Chair.

Best wishes,

Robert Bone
Host of In The Chair, The Masonic Podcast

Newsletter #2: In The Chair, Masonic Podcast
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