Loyd Lindsay Lodge 3058 Installation

On Monday 12th October I took a trip to Wantage to visit the Installation of Loyd Lindsay Lodge 3058. Just like the other day when I visited Abbey Lodge, this is another Lodge that is technically in the county of Oxfordshire, but from the Masonic point of view is within the boundaries of the Province of Berkshire.

Loyd Lindsay Lodge are one of four Lodges that meet at the Wantage Masonic Centre.

And just like my trip to Abingdon I again had problems trying to find the Masonic Centre, as the road it is down is barely anymore than an alley-way with no parking. However, I did find a car park right in the centre of Wantage, in which I parked up in to explore on foot. Whilst trying to decode the parking sign the PSGW pulled up in the car beside me and informed me that this car park has a maximum stay of 2 hours (no matter what time of day) and could result in a parking fine.

I followed him to a Waitrose car park where parking is free – though you still need to get a parking ticket from the machine to confirm arrival time – then walk through an alley to get to the town-centre and again and to the Masonic Centre.

The Installation went well, though there was a little mix-up with the jewels (it appears someone got confused with swords and chisels in saltire!). The DPGM was representing the Province on the evening and fortunately he didn’t appear to mind too much!

The Festive Board was well attended in the other part of the centre, and it was an enjoyable night.