KickStarter for Series 2 – Help Keep In The Chair Alive!

Unfortunatley the last episode may be the last episode of In The Chair. I run, produce and host the podcast completely independently with no external support and unfortunately I just can’t continue to sustain this valuable resource on my own.

Therefore, I’ve decided to make it the last episode of Series 1 – but Series 2 currently hangs in the balance and needs your help.

Over the last 9 months I have put out 32 episodes completely free of charge for the listener – and there are lots of listeners. In that time there have been almost 35,000 unique downloads with hundreds of subscribers spread all over the world.

In The Chair has also been directly responsible for turning people’s curiosity in Freemasonry into new members as it shows people what Freemasonry is really like.

Unforunately providing this resource isn’t cheap. I did consider making the podcast a subscription only podcast – but this means those looking to find out about Freemasonry before joining are unlikely to hear it.

Series 2 – 20 Brand New Bi-Weekly Episodes Starting in September 2016

As I will be staying in the Chair of my Lodge for a second term I would love to be able to continue the podcast for a second series.

This will consist of 20 episodes, coming out every other week, commencing in September 2016. I have already outlined many of them and started lining up new guests, as well as planning some “out-side broadcasts” and reports.

In order to raise funds to make this happen I have set up a KickStarter campaign ( This isn’t just to get money without giving something in return (though 32 existing episodes plus 20 more is definitely “something”) but offers backers levels.

This ranges from exclusive In The Chair lapel-pins and cufflinks, being listed as an executive producer of an episode, through to sponsoring a whole show. This is open to international backers too!

Please note that with KickStarter that unless the minimum amount is raised then no funds are taken and I don’t get a single penny. If the minimum amount is achieved then Series 2 gets the go-ahead.

Unfortunately, if the minimum isn’t raised then not only will Series 2 not go ahead, but I’ll be forced to stop the hosting required – and all 32 episodes currently available will be taken down. It will be such a shame to lose a wonderful resource.

Please don’t assume that someone else will do it. If you listen to the podcast and enjoy it please head over to the KickStarter campaign and at the least watch the video and see how you can help keep In The Chair going for a second series.

I genuinely thank you for your support and hope that In The Chair is able to continue – at the moment every penny counts.

Many thanks for listening to the show, I hope you continue to enjoy In The Chair.

KickStarter for Series 2 – 20 Brand New Bi-Weekly Episodes
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