In The Chair Masonic Podcast returns for a one-off special episode!

Listeners may recall that I was involved in filming an upcoming documentary about Freemasonry in the UK, and part of this included being filmed whilst recording a podcast (episode 28, which you can listen to at

The documentary is called Inside The Freemasons, a new five part series to be aired on Sky 1 in the UK. It starts at 8:00pm on Monday 17th April, and runs every Monday for five weeks.

I had hoped to have an interview with someone on the production staff for a behind the scenes look at how the documentary came about and the hurdles involved in putting it together – but unfortunately this has not been possible.

I’m also proud to announce that you can now purchase “100 Days to Learn Masonic Ritual”, a Workbook to Learn Masonic Ritual in 100 Days and Prepare for the Worshipful Master’s Chair. This is a book aimed specifically at Master Masons who are going through the progressive offices in their Lodge.

The first section of the book gives hints, tips and practical advice for all Master Masons. The second section is a workbook for the Master Elect, giving small bite-sized chunks over 100 days to ensure they are ready for their Installation.

You can get the book from Amazon around the world, but UK listeners can go to which will re-divert you to the UK Amazon page.

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