ITC 32 In The Chair Masonic Podcast: The Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences

Today’s guest is once again Reuben Ayres, Provincial Grand Orator for the Province of Devonshire, and member of St George Lodge that meets in Exeter. Reuben was first on In The Chair on podcast 17 when we discussed the history of Freemasonry, again on podcast 27 when we talked about the value of Freemasonry and once more on podcast 30 where we delved into the History of the Masonic Ritual.

In this episode Reuben talks about the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences in Freemasonry. This is first mentioned at the end of the First Degree, but explored in the subsequent Degrees. They are:

  • Grammar
  • Rhetoric
  • Logic
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Music
  • Astronomy

These make up a basic curriculum of education, first created by the Ancient Greeks in around the fourth century BC, then added to and amended throughout history, even making up the core syllabus of classical university educations in the 1700s.

These Arts and Sciences can be grouped. The first three are called The Trivium – and cover the fundamentals required for a solid education.

The last four make up the Quadrivium, which build upon them – which are more specialist in their areas – but the first three are needed to express them.

Unfortunately the Ritual doesn’t tell us how we are to learn the Liberal Arts and Sciences or how we are to apply them – however, as these are areas that are always being researched so any lessons in the Ritual could be out of date.

This means that what at first may appear archaic actually is at the cutting edge of science, and can even be found in the theoretical physics of String Theory!

Even if you don’t research theoretical physics, a little bit of knowledge on each of these will also ensure you are able to get involved in almost any conversation at the Festive Board.

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ITC 32 In The Chair Masonic Podcast: The Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences
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