ITC 31 In The Chair Masonic Podcast: The Worshipful Master of Grey Friars Lodge

Today welcome back Phil Kunovski, Worshipful Master of Grey Friars Lodge (1101) who was first on In The Chair last year on Podcast 11. In that episode we talked about the Universities Scheme and how that introduced him to Freemasonry, and his impending Installation in the Chair of his Lodge.

Phil went into the Chair soon after me, and because Grey Friars is a “Winter Lodge” (meaning they meet over the winter months, like my Lodge) and as my first year in the Chair (see, that’s also the name of the podcast. Get it?!) draws to a close his is similarly ending; so I thought it would be good to compare our personal experiences of being Worshipful Master of our respective Lodges.

We discuss how quickly our years have passed, and what ceremonies we’ve performed. Fortunately we’ve each been able to perform all three Degree ceremonies in our Lodges, and how you finally start getting confidence just as your year starts coming to an end!

We also agree that we are our own worst critics and although it would be nice to be 100% perfect and convey the Ritual with conviction and emotion, once you realise this isn’t expected (or probably attainable) for a first timer in the Chair it takes the pressure off. Funnily enough, once you are relaxed you end up performing better.

Once you are in the Chair it is also a good idea to start planning ahead and looking at what other offices in the Lodge you can hold in the future to ensure you keep involved in Lodge to maintain your interest. This can also mean looking into joining side orders.

Grey Friars next meeting will be celebrating their 150th anniversary, and the meeting will be a demonstration of an Initiation in the early 1800’s by The Black Country Heritage Lodge (9702). The meeting is on Wednesday 11th May near Reading, Berkshire. For details you can download the pdf (Grey Friars 150th) or email the Lodge Secretary ([email protected]).

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ITC 31 In The Chair Masonic Podcast: Worshipful Master of Grey Friars Lodge
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