ITC 29 In The Chair Masonic Podcast – Master Mason Chris Butlin

For the fourth time Chris Butlin is a guest on In The Chair, giving an updated on his journey into Freemasonry.

Chris was first on In The Chair Podcast 11 (before he was even a Mason), then again a few weeks later on In The Chair Podcast 14 when he talked about his experience of his Initiation. He was next on In The Chair Podcast 26 when we spoke about how he was now a Fellowcraft Mason and some of the experiences he had over the previous few months.

Chris is now a Master Mason, and we talk about his Raising Ceremony. Chris said that he found it best to “go along” with the story and absorb what he could to appreciate the meanings; knowing he can study the details of the ritual in the future – a very good tactic I would recommend to anyone else joining Freemasonry.

We talk about how learning the answers to the “Questions” give a grounding on the basics of the lessons learnt in the previous Degree ceremony, and how these are used as a foundation for future study. This is in contrast to Freemasonry in Turkey (Podcast 21) where a written essay is required for progression through the Degrees.

Now that Chris is a Master Mason we discuss his future in the Lodge and whether he wants to progress through the Offices, and how will be a good way to start getting his feet wet with the Ritual.

You can listen to my interview with Rick Smith about Learning Masonic Ritual (Podcast 3) as well as get his book on Amazon, which can also be downloaded for Kindle.

We also cover the subject of visiting and attending Lodge of Instruction, and the importance of it to improve your personal experience of Freemasonry.

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ITC 29 In The Chair Masonic Podcast – Master Mason Chris Butlin
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