ITC 26 In The Chair Masonic Podcast – talking to Fellowcraft Chris Butlin

We welcome back to In The Chair Chris Butlin. This is Chris’s third time on the show to talk about his journey through Freemasonry, and gives listeners a “real time” view of what it’s like to be a Freemason, his experiences, and what he is getting out of his Masonry.

Chris was first on In The Chair Podcast 11 when he wasn’t even a Mason, but had his Initiation ceremony approaching.

He was back on a few weeks later (In The Chair Podcast 14), when he talked about his experience of his Initiation, how it compared to what he thought may happen, and what he has taken away from it.

It’s now been a few months and since then Chris has watched a demonstration of a Second Degree ceremony, plus had to leave the Lodge room whilst a Third Degree ceremony took place for someone else. He has also attended attend the Lodge’s Christmas Dinner.

These have all given Chris a bit more insight into Freemasonry. Not only from the formal side of the Craft, but also on the social aspect; and not just from the Freemasons themselves, but also their friends and partners he has met.

I’m sure this episode will continue to inspire those listeners who are considering joining Freemasonry, and act as a reminder for those already members.

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ITC 26 In The Chair Masonic Podcast – talking to Fellowcraft Chris Butlin
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