Today we have two guests, the first is Chris Butlin on his experience of his Initiation into Freemasonry, and the second with Paul Watson who is chairing a committee to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England

Chris joined Kennet Lodge, you can find out more about Kennet Lodge at

Paul Watson is also a member of Kennet Lodge and by coincidence is also chairing a committee to help celebrate the upcoming tercentenary celebrations of the United Grand Lodge of England ( in 2017.

This start with many inter-Provincial events that start in 2016. So far thirty events are planned to build up and help raise awareness of Freemasonry. Some of these are under wraps, but there will be a whole day at Windsor Racecourse in 2017, including a concert in the evening with an A-list celebrity. More details to be released so watch this space!

The main drive is to raise awareness of Freemasonry in the public, and use social media to help promote these events.

If you are involved in any tercentenary celebrations in your Lodge or Province please let me know: [email protected].

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United Grand Lodge of England
Province of Berkshire
Province of Buckinghamshire
Province of Oxfordshire
Province of Hertfordshire
Province of Middlesex

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ITC 14 In The Chair Masonic Podcast talks Chris Butlin about his Masonic Journey and Paul Watson about the Tercentenary Celebrations
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