Today’s guest is Nigel Harris-Cooksley, Secretary of North Harrow (6557) in the Province of Middlesex.

Nigel set up a Twitter account ( about three years ago, following on from setting up a website for his Lodge ( when membership had dropped to just sixteen members.

In the first four months of the website going live it had generated four enquiries for membership, the following year it generated seven enquiries. In over those years it has generated an amazing twenty-two candidates for the Lodge!

Increasing Lodge Membership with social mediaNot only this, they have given away thirty-eight candidates to other Lodges within the Province. This is a massive sixty new candidates! This not only revived North Harrow Lodge, but helped other Lodges.

What’s more of those sixty initiates not a single one has resigned. That’s 100% retention!

Nigel is eager that other Masons around the country can use the systems he has used to increase the enquiries and bring new candidates into their Lodges and Provinces. This is because Lodge members have exhausted their usual resources of new candidates, and new methods need to be embraced.

Because there are so many ways people can communicate on the internet Nigel has an interconnected “web” of social media that has a greater opportunity of being intercepted by an interested party, and it leads them to the website. He recommends getting a website (and associated social media accounts) now.

With so many new members we discuss the logistics of bringing so many new members into a Lodge; especially working through the progressive offices and the Master outsourcing ritual to the newer members.

We discuss some technical details about using social media which I recommend listening to, perhaps a couple of times to really absorb. We also talk about how the website has been designed for the end-user in mind who are non-Freemasons interested in joining, and how Google will also index sites for SEO; which again may require a few listens.

If you have questions for Nigel please email them to [email protected] and we’ll try and answer them in a future podcast.

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ITC 12 In The Chair Masonic Podcast talks to Nigel Harris-Cooksley about social media and Lodge websites
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