Today’s guest is Robert Faulkner, a Trustee of the Berkshire Masonic Charities (BMC).Robert has been working with the BMC since its inception in 1990, and gives an account of how it started.

Robert also discusses how Martin Peters (Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Berkshire) set a target to increase the funds of the BMC by £500,000 in just five years, and how this target was surpassed in just four years; the way the PGM dramatically received the news.

Robert also explains how the money raised is invested to produce an income, and how this income is used for charity whilst preserving the capital sum. This means the BMC produces a constant stream of income every year.

We then discuss how the BMC makes its donations, and how they prefer to give to community projects, and how this raises awareness of Freemasonry in the community. One of the points Robert stresses is that a Masonic connection is not required for BMC to consider donating to.

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ITC 08 In The Chair Masonic Podcast talks to Robert Faulkner about Berkshire Masonic Charities
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