Today is a little different to the normal podcast, as today’s guest is… ME!!!

So today I ask myself… Well, why am I interviewing myself?!

Why do the Podcast?

I started with Kennet Lodge’s website ( and – both go to the same website) and twitter account ( and saw the interaction.

I then decided to do blog to record by journey and experience in Freemasonry ( and realised it’s a good place for pooling resources and experiences for others.

This then led to doing a podcast (

Who am I?

I joined Kennet Lodge in 2009 and worked my way through the offices. I am a full time professional magician ( and tell the story of how I got into this as a career. (You can also book me for weddings, parties, corporate events and ladies nights!)

See videos of Robert performing on YouTube:

Future of Blog and Podcast

I talk about the plans I have for the blog and podcast, and how things have changed and will continue to change and adapt. The main thing is for them to be resources for people looking to find our more, and Master Masons preparing for the Chair:

Podcasts will include my experiences, visiting and interviews; as well as covering upcoming items such as UGLE’s upcoming tercentenary in 2017.

If you have suggestions please either comment below or email [email protected].

I also ask myself the “quick questions”:

Why did he become a Mason?
Why did you stay a Mason?
Do I have a single memory of Freemasonry?
Any advice for people interested in joining Freemasonry?

Links from the show

Berkshire Provincial Website
United Grand Lodge of England Website
Found thread on Reddit
Masonic books available on Amazon
My 100 Day Study Guide for Emulation Ritual

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Robert is a professional magician and can be booked for ladies nights, Christmas parties, weddings and corporate events.

In The Chair is an independent production by Robert Bone.

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