In this episode of In The Chair I talk to Craig Weightman, who is the author of A Journey In Stone, published by Lewis Masonic.

The book is described as a psychologist’s assessment of Freemasonry as a path of self-development. We find out what this really means, and what Craig found when he looked at Freemasonry as a psychologist, and looking at the symbolism, and the symbols used in Masonry.

The book focusses on how the rough ashlar is transformed into the smooth and perfect ashlar, and how the Working Tools of the Mason are used. Although this concept is familiar to all masons that have gone through the degrees, Craig explores this in more detail.

Although primarily aimed at current Freemasons, the book is suitable reading for non-masons who are interested in find out more about Masonry.

The book can be purchased by simply following

I also ask Craig the “quick questions”:

Why did he become a Mason?
Why did you stay a Mason? (And this leads to the important discussion of retention of members.)
Does Craig have a single memory of Freemasonry?
Any advice for people interested in joining Freemasonry?

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ITC 06 In The Chair Masonic Podcast talks to Craig Weightman, author of A Journey In Stone
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