In this episode of In The Chair I talk to Barry Lowe, a Past Master of Lodge Dunoon Argyll, 335, register of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Being myself an English Freemason (a member of Kennet Lodge, 4414 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England) I talk to Barry about the differences between Scottish and English Freemasonry.

One of the first differences between the two forms of Masonry is the visual difference, although the layout of the Lodge is similar, Scottish Lodges are a lot more colourful, with each Lodge having their own colours (and even tartans!) and how the choosing of these colours is decided.

We also discuss how the Master’s work is distributed between the members of the Lodge, and how we can encourage Master Masons to get involved in performing work on the floor themselves.

Barry also gives his personal way of learning Ritual, and we discuss how one method can work for one person, and not for another. (You can read about my 100 Day study plan for Master Elects on my blog,

We also find out what is the best ceremony to attend if you’re an English Mason wanting to visit a Scottish Lodge.

Also, whereas Lodges in England have an organist, in Scottish Lodges there’s a bag-pipe player, with a Lodge Piper being a recognised Office.

There are some big differences too, especially in respect of the side degrees: the Mark Degree and Royal Arch Chapter.

I also ask Barry the “quick questions”:

Why did he become a Mason?
Why did you stay a Mason? (And this leads to the important discussion of retention of members.)
Does Barry have a single memory of Freemasonry?
Any advice for people interested in joining Freemasonry?

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ITC 05 In The Chair Masonic Podcast talks to Barry Lowe about the difference between Scottish and English Freemasonry
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