In this episode of In The Chair I talk to Paul Watson, current Master of Kennet Lodge 4414, and the person that will be Installing me into The Chair in a couple of weeks’ time!

In recent episodes I have been speaking to authors, and part of In The Chair is to also speak to the people who make up the body of the membership. The people that learn their words and pack their regalia case for their monthly Lodge meeting. And where better to start than the Master of my own Lodge.

In a unique situation, as well as being Worshipful Master of Kennet Lodge, Paul also needed to be Master of Tenby Lodge in west Wales at the same time. This obviously presented many problems for Paul to overcome, and it’s not something he’d want to repeat again soon. He also does a lot of Provincial work for the Masonic Province of Berkshire.

Paul is a very good ritualist (actually excellent!), not only is he pretty much word perfect, he presents it very well. We discuss how important it is to have the understanding to the ritual, and how this is conveyed to the candidate, and entertaining for the members of the Lodge.

We also talk about the pressure of being Master of the Lodge, and how often this pressure is self-induced. This is Paul’s second time in the Chair of Kennet and talks candidly about how this second time is less stressful and more enjoyable, but also some of that enjoyment comes from watching new members learn and grow as both people and Masons.

Paul gives tips on learning Ritual, and one of his top tips is to find the way that words for you! (See Episode 3 of In The Chair where I talk to Rick Smith, author of Learning Masonic Ritual, for more information about methods to learn Ritual)

You can read about my 100 Day study plan for Master Elects on my blog,

I also ask Paul the “quick questions”:

Why did he become a Mason?
Why did you stay a Mason? (And this leads to the important discussion of retention of members.)
Does Paul have a single memory of Freemasonry?
Any advice for people interested in joining Freemasonry?

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ITC 04 In The Chair Masonic Podcast talks to Paul Watson, WM of Kennet Lodge
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