In this episode of In The Chair I talk to Martin Faulkes, the General Manager at Lewis Masonic, a book publisher specialising in printing books for and about Freemasons, and the history of Freemasonry.

Publishing the “secrets” of Freemasonry, especially as Lewis Masonic print the ritual books, and the history of how the ritual used to be learnt (and the future of it), and how it differs around the world, and how it led to the founding of the company.

How can learning Masonic Ritual change and improve you as a person?

What’s the Silver Matchbox, and how do you get it?

How the worlds of Freemasonry and trainspotting came together in the 1970s.

What Martin thinks the greatest gift the founders of Freemasonry have left us, and it’s not what you think it would be!

The real meaning of the word “secret”, and how the meaning of the word has changed since the Ritual was first written, and how this combined with secrecy during the War years.

How different people treat their Freemasonry, and why this means Freemasonry attracts different types of people, who in turn make Freemasonry an interesting and diverse organisation to be a part of.

Martin’s favourite books, including the rituals of the Illuminati!

What books Martin would like to publish through Lewis Masonic, and how you could be the person to write it.

Martin also answer the quick-fire questions:

  • Why did you join Freemasonry?
  • Why did you stay?
  • Most memorable experience?
  • Advice for those thinking of joining?

Links from the show

Lewis Masonic
“Emulation Working Today”, Graham Redman
“Masonic Etiquette Today”, Graham Redman
“Book of Constitutions Unit Grand Lodge of England”
“The Freemason’s Handbook of Toasts, Speeches and Responses”, Yasha Beresiner
The Square Magazine

“Studies on Traditional Freemasonry” by Fabio Venzi
“The Secret School of Wisdom – The Authentic Rituals and Doctrines of the Illuminati”
“Tracing Boards of Three Degrees in Craft Freemasonry Explained” by Julian Rees
“So You Want to be a Freemason?” by Julian Rees

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