Installation rehearsal at Lodge of Instruction

On Wednesday evening Kennet Lodge of Instruction had an “Installation” rehearsal, which is different from the norm!

I was in the Chair (in preparation for the real thing in September!) and we opened in the three degrees as usual. Of course, being a Master Mason (and not the only one in attendance) we skipped ahead, through the Inner Workings and picked up from where I (now taking the hat of newly installed WM – even though I opened the Lodge!) invest the IPM.

Even though I’d been learning this at home I just could not get the words out. However, it was good to run through just to get an idea of what I need to do.

I also discovered that I really need to focus on learning the ritual to invest my officers. I had dumbly assumed that it was basically telling the officers what is said when opening the Lodge. Well… oops! There’s a bit more to it than that. Probably better to discover that two days before Lodge of Instruction, and not two days before the main event in September.

As well as my personal benefit, having an (edited down version of an) Installation was also useful for the DC and ADC, both of which will be working the floor at an Installation for the first time. Cheorgraphing all the investitures takes some pre-planning.

Just under four months to go until the real thing. Better dig the Blue Book out again this weekend.