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Welcome to In The Chair, a masonic podcast for Freemasons in England, the UK, and all around the world.

In The Chair Masonic Podcast
In The Chair – The Masonic Podcast

In The Chair is to a be a weekly Podcast that lasts about 30 to 40 minutes, it will be lively, fun and upbeat; and will have interviews with people involved in all aspects of Freemasonry, from Master Masons going through the Offices, through to those that are more well-known on a national level, as well as those who may not be Masons themselves but do have a connection.

For those that don’t know, a podcast is a “digital radio show” that you can download onto your iPhone, iPod or computer and listen back to at your convenience, such as whilst walking the dogs, commuting to work or doing some work around the house.

You can download and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and Stitcher Radio. (Links available once officially launched at end of August 2015.)

The idea for the starting a podcast came from my blog (see where I have started an online journal to record by year in the Chair of my mother Lodge (Kennet Lodge) and the time leading up to it. The podcast was going to simply run along beside the blog as an audio version, but as it started coming together I decided to separate them to keep the blog geared towards my personal experience and journey, and the audio for a general magazine.

Although I am based in the UK and my Lodge has a warrant from UGLE, the podcast is available – and perfectly suitable – for Masons worldwide. No “secrets” are discussed so you can listen to it with non-masons around, in fact, I recommend suggesting that those who may be interested in joining the Freemasons subscribe to find out what we are really about.

Please also note this podcast and website is completely independent. Although I’m a member of a Lodge that is part of UGLE, this is all done off my own back and all the views I express are my own – and naturally anyone who is interviewed (or leaves a comment on the website) is entitled to their own view.

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