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Prior to officially launching on iTunes and Stitcher in a few weeks, you can have a sneaky listen to a demo I have recorded to check all the equipment in the studio is working.

A few little gremlins to iron out in places, but on the whole it shouldn’t make your ears bleed. You can listen and download it directly here:

Please note, this demo is to give you a brief overview of the show and will be removed prior to the official show launch.

In the Chair – Masonic Podcast – Show Notes of Test

This podcast follows my personal journey through Freemasonry, not only charting my experience, but having interviews Masons at Lodges I visit, as well as reports with people involved in all aspects of Freemasonry.

We won’t be discussing any “secrets” or anything relating to specific branches of Masonry, so this Podcast can be listened to by anyone in England, the UK, or anywhere else in the world. It’s also suitable for people who aren’t currently Masons.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for future guests or discussions, or have any questions, or just agree or disagree with anything please contact me. Email [email protected].

So, who am I, and why am I hosting the In The Chair masonic podcast?

I’m Robert Bone, and my day job is as a professional magician and mind-reader, which shows that Freemasonry attracts all sorts of people.

I joined Kennet Lodge in 2008. We meet six times a year in Reading, which is in Berkshire in England, and over the years been slowly working my way through the different positions. In September this year I will be installed as Master of the Lodge.

I wanted to record my time as Master, and the time leading up to it, so started my In The Chair blog ( and twitter account, @inthechaircouk.

By putting out a daily blog post and tweeting about what I was learning or revising that day is creating a useful resource for other Master Masons. You can follow along in your own time by visiting

From September I will be visiting other Lodges, not just in Berkshire, but also in different Provinces around the UK, and will therefore be podcasting and blogging about my experiences of visiting.

If you are a member of a Lodge please email [email protected] with details of when your Lodge meets and hopefully I can arrange a visit.

Although I plan to have some of the senior figures in masonry on the show, I also want to include interviews with regular members of the Lodges I visit, what drives and inspires them, and speak to those involved behind the scenes.

You can follow the In The Chair podcast on twitter @masonicpodcast, and please do interact and give your feedback.

Although this podcast is aimed at Masons, it will be in the public domain so naturally I will be honouring the confidentiality of anyone who contributes their opinion, so don’t hold back.

The podcast will be launching officially on itunes and Stitcher Radio in the coming weeks so please keep an eye on the twitter feed, and please circulate it to other members and those you feel would be interested in listening.

Thanks for listening, and looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

In The Chair – TEST – Useful Links

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Contact Robert, [email protected]

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