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This morning I received an email from Roy who has been considering joining Freemasonry and in his search to find out more he stumbled upon my In The Chair podcast:

Hi Robert,

Firstly congratulations on doing such and excellent and professional job on the podcast, I have listened to every episode and eagerly await each new show. Your podcast has given me the encouragement to finally approach a lodge after years of waiting in the wings. I feel that I finally have the time to explore Freemasonry.

So, last Friday I went along to a coffee morning at the Provincial Grand Lodge; accompanied by a friend of mine. I’ll be going back this coming Friday for another chat and get to know some more of the lodge members. I would not have done this Robert had it not been for your podcast. I have felt a welcome listening to your show and am grateful that you have included in the show, advice and encouragement for people like myself, interested in Freemasonry.

The show is excellent and very professional. I wish you continued success with the show and thank you again for the encouragement. I’ll keep you updated on my Masonic journey.


If you have a friend like Roy who may be interested but not too sure, please point them in the direction of the podcast so they can listen. As Roy, he’s grateful that I include advice and encouragement for those interested in becoming Freemasons. Remembers, it’s a show about Freemasonry, not just for Freemasons!

In The Chair brings new members into Freemasonry
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