I’m now Worshipful Master!

After almost seven as a member of Kennet Lodge, on Wednesday evening I was installed into the Chair of King Soloman, and am now…

…Worshipful Master of Kennet Lodge, 4414.

It was a very enjoyable ceremony, and was installed by Paul Watson who did an excellent job. If you haven’t already you can listen to my discussion with Paul on Episode 4 of the In The Chair podcast, available to download on iTunes.

Kennet Lodge Photo 2015
Kennet Lodge Photo 2015

Despite having prepared for the last 100 Days, and over that time I’ve had countless rehearsals, I embarrassingly had a complete mental block when it came to investing Paul as IPM, and even with a prompt my mind was blank! Fortunately I took a moment, had a deep breath a suddenly I was off!

There were a couple of minor slip-ups during the rest of the Officers (Kennet Lodge does the long versions, and has a few additions that are unique to Kennet) but confidence improved as the evening wore on.

My only regret is I felt that I rushed through the ritual too quickly (I should have paid more attention to my advice about imitating Churchill!) and this is probably because of my initial slow start.

Once the Installation part of the ceremony was complete and the meeting could continue with the rest of the agenda I felt a lot more composed and I personally think I ran through the rest of the ceremony without to much issue – though no doubt it will improve with each successive meeting.

The Festive Board was a very memorable occasional too, and as Craig Weightman said in Episode 6, when the Brethren of the Lodge are singing the Master’s Song it really hits home. Speeches went without hitch, and I hope were enjoyable for the Brethren. Fortunately Kennet Lodge does inject character into our ritual and proceedings, but that doesn’t mean we don’t do it properly to start with!

I was also humbled to find out that we had the largest turn-out to a Kennet Lodge meeting since 2010.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the ceremony and attended. I’d also like to say special thanks to all those that follow the blog, podcast and twitter; and sent emails, tweets and direct messages.