50k Masonic Podcast downloadsWow!

I just checked the stats for the podcast hosting and saw that it’s now clicked over 50,000. That’s over 50,000 unique episode downloads. Not bad for a side project started in my spare room!

In The Chair Masonic Podcast is completely independent. I had no assistance from my Lodge, Province or United Grand Lodge of England. I bought the equipment myself, taught myself how to use it and pressed the ‘Record’ button. I honestly thought it would be a little vanity project that would run for half a dozen episodes and only be listened to by a few friends from my Lodge.

Although I don’t have plans to bring out regular new episodes (it was, afterwall, orginally conceived to run for the year I was in the Chair of my Lodge – hence the name!) it still costs me money to host so that new listeners can hear the back-catalogue. If you can make a small donation to keep them active that would be appreciated – not only by me, but by those that have yet to listen to it. There’s a “donate” link on this page.

Of course, 50,000 downloads doesn’t equate to 50,000 people. Although some listeners will have downloaded and saved every single episode, some will listen to just one or two (perhaps focussing on the topics that interest them). Unfortunately iTunes doesn’t give any breakdown of stats. However, I would estimate that somewhere in the region of 30,000 individuals have listened to at least one episode.

Although In The Chair is the only podcast by (and for) British Freemasons, about a third of the listenership are located elsewhere in the world. The largest of these is the United States, but pretty much every country you’ve heard of has had at least one listener.

Just shows how Freemasonry is spread over the world!


Fifty Thousand Downloads of In The Chair!
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