As you know In The Chair is non-profit and funded out my own pocket, but I can’t bear killing it off as it is such a valuable resource. I produce In The Chair completely independently with no support or contribution from my Lodge, Province, United Grand Lodge of England – or any other body or organisation.

I originally wanted to keep In The Chair going for a second series, especially as I’m going to be staying in the Chair of my Lodge for a second term. This second series was planned to build on what was achieved in the first series, but some of these were going to money for me to produce.

As I’ve already sunk a lot of money (and a heck of a lot of time!) into the project I simply can not justify putting more resources into it – basically funding it myself so that others can listen to it for free.

Just because something is free for the end user, someone somewhere is picking up the bill, and without advertising, sponsorship or support from elsewhere that falls on my personal bank account.

This lead me to starting a KickStarter campaign to raise funds. The goal amount wasn’t set to line my pocket, but to reimburse me for some (not all!) of the costs involved in putting out the existing 32 episodes, and allow me to cover some of the expenses I’ll be incurring to produce a second series.

Despite some very generous donations and pledges the KickStarter failed to raise the minimum amount required. Thank you to everyone who pledged.

Someone commented that I should have aimed for a lower amount. The problem is if I had done that, the goal hit and the pledges taken I would then be legally obliged to produce those 20 episodes – even though I would be doing them at a loss!

It seems a shame to just cancel the podcast hosting and lose everything that has been uploaded. I still get many emails from new Masons that have only just stumbled across the podcast, and deleting them would be such a waste.

Therefore I have decided I will fund the hosting for the website and podcast for another year. This means the podcasts will still be available for new listeners via iTunes, Stitcher and through the website. It also leave the door open for future episodes should circumstances change.

It does also mean that I’m dipping into my own pockets again.

Therefore, if you’ve enjoyed listening to the last 32 episodes of In The Chair and feel that it’s a resource that would help younger Masons and those who would like to find out more before joining please consider donating a few quid to help “keep the lights on”. Remember, this isn’t to be used for personal gain, and should there be some generous donations then I’ll be putting the surplus into producing the occasional new episode.

I’m sure I don’t need to say, but all donations (of any amount!) will be thankfully received and faithfully applied.

Donate to keep In The Chair alive for another year!
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