Day 99 of 100: Start to Panic

Day 99 out of 100 to Learn Masonic Ritual, and your Installation is just two days away

Yesterday, as well as rehearsing the Installation ceremony, we also looked at the Festive Board and your speech.

Today it’s…

Masonic Ritual, Day 99 of 100: Try Not to Panic Too Much

Make sure you are rehearsing, not just blasting through the Ritual, but trying to do it at the pace you would perform on the evening, and out loud (even if not projecting as loudly as you would).

As well as the Ritual in the book, also ensure you say your “ad-libs” to each Officer following their investiture as we covered the other day.

Also go through the full Agenda, such as reports from the various Officers before the Raisings and Closing the Lodge.

Finally, run through the agenda for the Festive Board, ensuring you are familiar with the toasts you will be proposing, as well as a brief run through of your speech that you will be making at the Festive Board. Remember that’s been a long evening so keep it short and concise, and under 5 minutes.

It’s getting close, and it’s getting real. After all these years working through the offices and time spent learning, revising and rehearsing, not to mention all those evenings attending Lodge of Instruction it’s natural to panic just a little!