Day 98 of 100: Write your speech for the Festive Board

Day 98 out of 100 to Learn Masonic Ritual, and your Installation is just a few days away.

Yesterday we rehearsed the Installation Ceremony again, and tried an exercise in presentation by attempting to emulate the style of Winston Churchill. Bit odd, but hope you found it useful!

Today it’s…

Masonic Ritual, Day 98 of 100: Prepare your Festive Board speech

No doubt you don’t need telling that with just a couple of days to go you should be rehearsing the ritual ahead of your Installation.

However, remember the evening isn’t just about the ceremony itself, but there is also the Festive Board afterwards, so today ensure you also prepare for this.

There are toasts that will be made, but this will be prompted by the DC or IPM, though if you have an opportunity to read through this prior to it a little familiarity won’t hurt.

The main thing I recommend today is to prepare the speech you will need to give at the Festive Board. I recommend against completely scripting it and reading it, but make some bullet points of what you want to cover, such as people you want to thank (proposers, visitors and those that have helped in your Masonic career) as well as Ladies Nights, White Tables or any other social events you have on the cards.