Day 96 of 100: Write your ad-libs

Day 96 out of 100 to Learn Masonic Ritual, and just 5 days left to prepare for your Installation

Yesterday we rehearsed the Installation Ceremony (and I suggested doing it with someone who can go through it with you to offer corrections and prompts). I also visited an Installation Ceremony in order to watch it being performed, and get a little inspiration and ideas.

That leads us to today…

Masonic Ritual, Day 96 of 100: Prepare Your Ad-Libs

Obviously today we will continue with your rehearsal ahead of your Installation, and ensure you concentrate areas that need additional work.

Also, and you may have noticed this if you have recently visited an Installation Ceremony, that after each Investiture the new Master says a few words to each of the Officers after the Ritual.

Although you don’t need to write and learn word for word what you will say to each, I do recommend spending a moment today going through each office and working out what you will say to each person.

For example, if it’s a Master Mason who is progressing through the ranks then praise them on their progression and wish them well in their new office, and encourage them to work through the rest of the Offices until they are Installed into the Chair themselves.

If it’s a Past Master then thank them for stepping in and holding an office for the year.

Just a point to remember, if you ever see a stand-up comedian they will often be quick witted and response to comments quickly, these are known as ad-libs, and are things they say off the top of their head. Actually, in reality rarely are these things said off the top of their heads, but have been prepared for when the situation arises, so it’s wise you do the similar thing and at least have a brief outline of each thanks, and make them different and personal to each one being invested.