Day 95 of 100: Visit an Installation

Day 95 out of 100 to Learn Masonic Ritual, and just 6 days to Installation!

Yesterday we had a full rehearsal of the Installation Ceremony, and I personally had a rehearsal of the Installation with the rest of the Lodge ahead of next week’s ceremony.

Today I…

Masonic Ritual, Day 95 of 100: Visit an Installation Ceremony

Today’s rehearsal was really in two parts. The first part was with someone who holds the ritual book and gives prompts if required. It’s an idea to explain that if there are minor errors to let them slip (for now!) so as not to ruin the flow, but to pick you up on any major mistakes or omissions.

Work your way through, and no doubt you’ll find you made obvious mistakes, but also spotted areas that needed work that coincided with parts that needed prompting yesterday too. Now you need to ensure dedicate addition time to these parts over the next couple of days.

The second part of today’s rehearsing was to visit another Lodge’s Installation Ceremony (St Bartholomew Lodge, 6307). This may not be possible to do on Day 95 yourself, but ideally you should visit one around a week prior to yours.

This gives you an opportunity to not only mouth along with the ceremony, but to see what you have been learning over the last couple of months and watch it being performed live in front of you. Take notice of the actions, not just the words, as well as pay attention to any differences this Lodge has in comparison to your Lodge workings.