Day 94 of 100: Rehearsing Installation Ceremony

Day 94 out of 100 to Learn Masonic Ritual, and it’s a week to Installation!

Yesterday we completed our first run through of Rehearsing Installation Ceremony, so today..

Masonic Ritual, Day 94 of 100: Rehearsing Installation Ceremony

Immediate Past Master Jewel
Immediate Past Master Jewel

Today we are rehearsing, and going through the whole Installation Ceremony. In fact, today was the rehearsal of my Installation with the members of the Lodge. Even after all this learning, revision and rehearsal prompts were still needed.

This is because it’s one thing to say the words whilst out walking the dogs, driving or in the shower, but it’s a whole other thing to do it in front of a dozen people watching your every word and action.

This really illustrates the importance of Lodge of Instruction and Lodge rehearsals.

It’s also good for getting to grips with all the other parts of the Ceremony that aren’t covered by the official ritual (such as collecting alms, going through the agenda and putting proposals to the vote).

Make a note of areas that required prompts during rehearsal, and ensure you focus on these areas over the next week.