Day 7 of 100: Investing the Inner Guard

It now a full week since I started my 100 Day Plan to learn the ritual before going into The Chair. The idea of this 100 Day Plan is being word perfect when installing the Officers and closing the Lodge at my Installation meeting, and also to get a good grip on the rest of the other rituals for the coming year.

Over the last six days I’ve read through and become familiar with installing the Immediate Past Master, then investing the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, the Lodge Admin Teaminvesting the Senior and Junior Deacon. We’re almost there, as today we…

Learn Masonic Ritual, Day 7 of 100: Investing the Inner Guard

Today is Father’s Day and involved a BBQ with all the family so a break from my regular routine. Because of that I had to spend some time earlier today learning, but then I had to do a load of housework and preparation, spend the day smoking myself, eating burnt sausages and the like, so a little late getting round to writing today’s entry.

So Day 7 is looking at Investing the Inner Guard (pages 232-233 in my book of Emulation Ritual).

Fortunately the Inner Guard work is quite short, follows the regular format we’re used to, and the duties we should be familiar with – although do bear in mind this isn’t exactly what the Inner Guard says in the opening so again, don’t get complacent and thing you can wing it.

Just because it’s a short piece try not to just focus on this only if you have the time. Of course, we still have over 90 days to get things word perfect and will be revisiting the Investing of the Officers again, but taking any opportunity to do a bit of extra homework will make life easier. You can’t spend too much time on this, or learn it too well!

After a day taking it easy and working around commitments (but still doing it!), it’s back to the routine tomorrow.