Day 62 of 100: Masonic Ritual, Third Degree Questions

Day 62 out of 100 to Learn Masonic Ritual – and we have got to a pretty high standard with what we need to learn ahead of being Installed into the Chair, as well as having a good foundation of the First and Second Degree ceremonies.

Today we start on the final Ceremony we want to learn ahead of our year in the Chair – the Third Degree Raising.

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 62 of 100: Third Degree Questions

We start today by opening in both the First and then Second Degree (pages 42-49 in my book of Emulation ritual), before asking the Candidate the Questions (pages 156-158).

Although we have already covered both of these Openings it’s worth going through them today, even if quickly, so you can familarise yourself with the transitions. For example, you probably sing the Opening Ode, and after the Opening in the First there may be other items your Lodge has on the the Agenda before progressing to Opening in the Second.

Once the Lodge is opened in the Second Degree the Candidate is summoned. The sentences each side of the actual questions are structured similarly to the the Second Degree questions.

The questions themselves you should be familiar with as you have already learnt the answers, not only when you were the Candidate, but also when you were the Senior Deacon so you could prompt the Candidate if required. Of course, by learning the answers you also had to learn the questions – even if not word for word, at least enough to know what each question was.

Having learnt the Second Degree you will be familiar too with the answers as many of them are taken from Entrusting the candidate in their Passing ceremony. Of course, as Master you are leading by asking the Questions, but knowing the answers helps.

Personally I find the Third Degree Questions easier to learn than the Second, but that could just be me.