Day 6 of 100: Investing the Junior Deacon

Yesterday was day five of my 100 Day Plan to learn the ritual before going into The Chair. The idea of this 100 Day Plan is being word perfect when installing the Officers and closing the Lodge at my Installation meeting, and also to get a good grip on the rest of the other rituals for the coming year.

Over the last five days I’ve read through and become familiar with investing the Immediate Past Master, then investing the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, the Lodge Admin Team and yesterday was investing the Senior Deacon. We’re almost there, as today we…

Learn Masonic Ritual, Day 6 of 100: Investing the Junior Deacon

After yesterday’s session I felt confident that should the Installation be in a week’s time I have enough of a grip that I could just about be ready in time, it wouldn’t be perfect and may need the odd prompt. Fortunately this is a 100 day plan, so I still have 95 days to get myself into the position that no prompts will be needed.

However, knowing that having a structured learning and revision schedule that I have pre-planned is working is giving me confidence that I’m going in the right direction, and will be ready for the Installation, and very well prepared for the other ceremonies – it’s not just 100 days for the Installation, we’re tackling the three main ceremonies too. Easy…!

So Day 6 is looking at Investing the Junior Deacon (pages 230-231 in my book of Emulation Ritual).


Again, the Junior Deacon requires a little more work that the Senior Deacon, but not as much as the Wardens.

Similarly to yesterday, quite a bit of the ritual for investing of the Junior Deacon should be familiar to any Mason who has held the office during their Masonic career. Again, there are a few extra bits such as the Junior Deacon attending to the Candidate in the Initiation ceremony, as assisting the Senior Deacon in the other two ceremonies

Be wary of the last sentence about “care and attention”. It is very similar to the last sentence in the investing of the Senior Deacon, but slightly difference.

You could probably say the same sentence for both Senior and Junior Deacon and no-one will bat an eyelid, or if they do they probably won’t pass comment. That said, we’re putting this work in to get this word perfect, and those that do know these pieces are normally the Provincial Executive who attend a lot of Installations so appreciate it being done right, and it’s this sort of thing that gets noted when it comes to deciding who deserves Provincial Honours! 🙂

Oh, whilst here take a moment to look at investing the ADC and Assistant Secretary (if your Lodge has these offices). ADC doesn’t have any ritual (neither did the DC if you recall), and the ritual for the Assistant Secretary is the same as the Secretary’s, which we covered on Day 4, so you shouldn’t need to learn anything new, but just be aware so you don’t get caught out and have ‘brain freeze’ in the middle of the ceremony.