Day 59 of 100: Installation Ceremony Learning

It’s been over two weeks since we last revised the Installation Ceremony (back on Day 43), and since then we’ve spent 15 days working out way through the Passing Ceremony.

It’s actually 6 weeks until your Installation. That’s a long time, but if you remember when you were a kid the 6 week summer holiday from school would fly by!

So, before cracking on with the Third Degree let’s…

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 59 of 100: Learning the Installation Ceremony – Again!

You may notice from the above title that I have said “learning”, not “revising” the Installation Ceremony. The reason is because of the gap you probably aren’t going to be as quick and fluent as you were getting back on Day 43. No doubt you could force you way through it with several prompts and errors, but let’s relax and use today to reacquaint ourselves with it.

Immediate Past Master Jewel
Immediate Past Master Jewel

In my book Investing the Officers starts on page 214 with the IPM, then picks up with the Senior Warden on page 223, through the Offices to page 235, then Resuming is on page 68 and Closing the Lodge is pages 62-65.

As mentioned, today we’ll use more of a refresher. Normally when learning you read the book and repeat the words yourself (ie, the book leads), then revision you say the words before looking back in the book (ie, you lead).

Today we’ll do somewhat a mixture of the two, effectively skimming over the whole ceremony. The parts that you know you can blast along as quick as you like but keep an eye on the page to ensure accuracy.

On the parts that you slow or get stuck on don’t get too bent on forcing your recall, simply read through, and repeat a couple of times. You’ll likely find this is enough to stir that bit of ritual up and bring it back to life in your short-term memory.

It surprised me that there were parts that two weeks ago I could recall without even thinking about, yet today had slipped my mind completely, however, after a quick refresher (and more than a few “oh yeah…!” moments) I’m getting my confidence with the Installation Ritual.

Today I was speaking to the Lodge Secretary about some Lodge business and he asked how the learning was going. I said that I wouldn’t be ready if the Installation was tomorrow, but could probably be ready if it was next week. I hope that you would also find yourself in a similar state by this stage too.