Day 58 of 100: Charge in the South East & Closing

We are coming to the end of revising the Second Degree  as part of our 100 Day Study Guide for Master Elects. Yesterday we went from the end of the Obligation, Entrusting with the grip and token of the Degree, and explaining the meaning of the word.

This finished with the Senior Deacon taking the Candidate for a perambulation around the Lodge to meet each of the Wardens. Once the Wardens are happy the Senior Warden then presents the Candidate to the Master.

Revising Masonic Ritual, Day 58 of 100: Charge in the South East and Closing

Starting with Investing with the Fellowcraft’s Badge, giving the Charge in the South East and finishing the Ceremony (pages 141-146 in my book of Emulation Ritual), we then continue to Close the Lodge in both Degrees (pages 59 to 65).

Please note that I have assumed that you are not doing the Second Degree Working Tools or the Explanation of the Second Degree Tracing Board, and that these are being performed by a Master Mason or a Past Master. If you are then ensure you allocate some extra time to work these!

This session brings to an end our third run-through of the Passing Ceremony, which we have been revising – you know the drill by now!

For some reason I still have massive problems with the investing with the Badge, as well as the Charge in the South East – even though it is much shorter than the charge in the North East. In fact, even though we are on the Revision stage the second half of the Charge still feels completely new to me!

No need to worry just yet, and though it’s not cause for immediate concern, it is useful to highlight this now, rather in the week leading up to the actual ceremony!

Fortunately I didn’t have too much trouble with Closing (in both Degrees) so could finish the day on a positive.

I’m guessing you also experience parts that don’t seem to sink in no matter how much you try, and others that just flow perfectly.