Day 57 of 100: Second Degree Entrusting

Yesterday in our 100 Day Study Guide for Master Elects we went through the Second Degree Obligation for the third time. The first two times we called the Learning stage, and now we are Revising. Being short and of a similar format hopefully you are getting confident with this process and can see that spending 20 minutes a day in structured and organised study creating results.

Having completed the Obligation, there’s still quite a bit of work to do.

Revising Masonic Ritual, Day 57 of 100: Second Degree Entrusting

We first went through this on Day 48 and again on Day 53. It starts at the end of the Obligation, then the Second Degree Entrusting with the signs, tokens and word (pages 130-134 in my book of Emulation Ritual).

It’s quite a lot of work to cover in one day’s worth of learning

  • Post Obligation (Sealing the Obligation and position of the Square and Compasses),
  • Second Degree Entrusting (the biggest chunk of today’s work),
  • Explanation of the Word.

We decided to combine all this into one day because although it is quite a bit of word, you will have learnt quite a lot of the Entrusting and explanation of the word when you were Senior Deacon and having to dictate the answers to the Candidate. You would also have covered it again when you were Senior Warden; although you would have been asking the questions then, you would have still been revising it as part of the ritual.

This should mean that you be able to lead the way with revising, using the book for the odd prompt and correction. If you find yourself needing regular prompts feel free to skim read through the text first to bring it to the forefront of your mind to aid recall.