Day 56 of 100: Second Degree Obligation

Day 56 of our 100 Day Study Guide for Master Elects, and we are midway through our third run through of the Passing Ceremony. The first two times were the “Learning” phase where you read the words first, then repeat it to yourself. Now we are on the “Revision” phase, which means that you lead from memory; and then read the book to check and correct.

Yesterday we started with Opening the Lodge in the First Degree, asked the questions, then had some perambulations, entrusting, bit more floor work and end up with the Candidate in front of you and ready for the Obligation.

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 56 of 100: Revising the Second Degree Obligation

We are only revising the Second Degree Obligation today. As it’s the shortest Obligation I was tempted to combine it with some of the following ceremony, but decided that as the Obligations are important it’s worth spending the time revising it, and not skip over.

We first started learning the Second Degree Obligation on Day 47 (pages 129-130 in my edition of Emulation Ritual).

Have the book open to the page but cover the ritual. Attempt at working your way through then after each couple of lines reveal the words and check your accuracy. If you get stuck take a moment to clear your head and see if the words pop in. Should it not, or your revision isn’t correct then spend a couple of minutes to focus your attention on those problem areas.

We aren’t rehearsing the presentation at the moment – that comes closer to the actual ceremony – so don’t worry about that yet. Just focus on moving the ritual from your short to longer term memory.

Remember, you are laying the foundation for future building on, so make sure it’s solid!