Day 55 of 100: Second Degree Ceremony Revision

We are well over half way through our 100 Day Study Guide for Master Elects, and over the last eleven days we’ve read through Second Degree Ceremony twice. This has been what we call the “Learning” phase, where we read through the text basically forcing it in, often by repetition and spotting little acronyms to assist recall later.

Learning Masonic Ritual
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The learning stage is the longest, and we follow it with revision (where we are testing ourselves, but not worried about presentation and prompts from the book are fine) and finally the rehearsal (where final tweaks are made and we start focusing on fine tuning the presentation).

For more information on this method read Rick Smith’s “How to Learn Masonic Ritual” – definitely worth a purchase if you haven’t already!

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 55 of 100: Revising the Second Degree Ceremony

We are essentially repeating Day 51 today, which when we first went through the Secondary Degree Ceremony was spread over three days of learning:

In my edition of Emulation Ritual this is split between pages 42-49 for the Openings, and pages 112-128 for the first part of the Passing ceremony.

So now we are revising the Second Degree ceremony, remember this is not “Rehearsal”. Basically, whereas the in the “Learning” stage of learning you are lead by the book where you read the sentence and repeat it to yourself, and the repetition builds it into your short term memory.

The Revision stage is now lead by you, with the book following you. The way to do this is to cover what you are revising in the book, and reveal the words after you have remembered them – immediately checking what you have said with the actual text. This way you can correct any errors straight away and re-learn where necessary.

If you get stuck just spend a moment, take a breath and relax and you may surprise yourself. If you are still stuck try and take a guess, or at least remember what this part of the Ritual was about.

Should you need a prompt slide the bit of paper down a little to reveal a few words and see if this kicks things off.

Don’t worry about presentation yet, the main thing about this phase is moving it from your short-term to your long-term memory. There may be elements you are confident with, but don’t just focus on these, but don’t worry if it takes you a while to go through some parts, we don’t need to worry about presentation until a week or two prior to the actual Passing Ceremony, and that’s a long way off!