Day 53 of 100: Second Degree Entrusting

Yesterday in our 100 Day Study Guide for Master Elects we went through the Second Degree Obligation for the second time. Being about half the length of the First Degree Obligation I hope you are feeling confident with it, even if you aren’t word perfect require the book to work your way through it.

We are still in the Learning stage so take your time working through and repeating it (out loud if possible) making a concious effort to burn the words into your mind. We will be revising again, plus more revising and rehearsing in the weeks leading up to the actual ceremony in your Lodge.

Having finished the Obligation, the next part is

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 53 of 100: Second Degree Entrusting

We first went through this on Day 48, and starts at the end of the Obligation, then the Second Degree Entrusting with the signs, tokens and word (pages 130-134 in my book of Emulation Ritual).

It’s quite a lot of work to cover in one day’s worth of learning

  • Post Obligation (Sealing the Obligation and position of the Square and Compasses),
  • Second Degree Entrusting (the biggest chunk of today’s work),
  • Explanation of the Word.

If you recall the reason we combined all this into one day is because when you have been going through the offices you have already learnt most of the Entrusting and explanation of the Word as Senior Deacon.

Talking of the Senior Deacon, once the Candidate has been Entrusted the next six or seven pages are in his hands. Remember only a few years ago these pages were an insurmountable task to learn, and now they are barely a drop in the ocean of Ritual you are learning as Master Elect!

I can’t really say much more than spend 20 minutes or so having a couple of run throughs and focus on areas that require additional work, and not to panic if you encounter problems along the way. It’s 48 day until your Installation, and assuming that’s in February (the shortest month) and the next ceremony is a Passing that’s still 76 days away