Day 52 of 100: Second Degree Obligation

Day 52 of our 100 Day Study Guide for Master Elects, that means it’s 7 weeks until the Installation meeting. It’s been a while since we revised the Installation meeting but don’t worry as we’ll be revisiting it again soon, and again after that, and again after that too. Trust me, you’ll be sick of it by the time the night comes!

Yesterday we starting learning with the Second Degree for the second time. This started with Open in the First, the questions to the Candidate, Opening in the Second, then perambulating the Candidate, finishing with the Senior Deacon bringing the client to the Master’s pedestal in readiness for:

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 52 of 100: Learning the Second Degree Obligation

Yesterday’s learning involved us squeezing what we had initially started learning over three days into just one – the justification was that the Openings and Second Degree Questions are parts you are already familiar with so no need to spend too long on those areas.

Today we are just going to focus on one part which we first learnt on Day 47, which is the Second Degree Obligation (pages 129-130 in my edition of Emulation Ritual).

As I said yesterday, we are still in the Learning phase so don’t feel as so you need to be word perfect straight away, but feel free to test yourself if you are confident. The Second Degree Obligation is quite a bit shorter that the First Degree Obligation, and borrows the same format and indeed many of the words, but with subtle differences.

I found I needed to have a quick skim through the Obligation as a refresher, then I could recite quite a bit without the book, though there are some elements (around the middle) that required additional attention – basically repeating those pesky sentences. No doubt these only went into my short term memory, but with future repetition it will slowly build in my longer term.

Don’t worry too much if you are getting your Obligations confused saying phrases from the First when you are doing the Second. At this point in our 100 days of study you are really learning and revising all the Degrees, as well as Installation, so they’ll all be swimming around in my memory. Once you are in the Chair and told what the next meeting will be you’ll have a month of preparing for that ceremony exclusively, where you’ll be revising and rehearsing on the foundation you are laying here.