Day 43 of 100: Installation Ceremony Revision – Again!

Yesterday we had our first revision of the Installation Ceremony for almost two weeks. No doubt you were a little rusty after the absence, therefore, before we start with the Second Degree Ceremony, let’s do…

Revising Masonic Ritual, Day 43 of 100: Installation Ceremony Revision – Again!

Remember, we aren’t looking to be word perfect at the end of these 100 days with the three candidate ceremonies, but we want to be word perfect with the Installation. Therefore we’ll spend another day running through it.

Immediate Past Master Jewel
Immediate Past Master Jewel

In my book Investing the Officers starts on page 214 with the IPM, then picks up with the Senior Warden on page 223, through the Offices to page 235, then Resuming is on page 68 and Closing the Lodge is pages 62-65.

The initial learning was putting this ritual into your short-term memory, and when we were going over it day after day it started to stick, but yesterday illustrated that with just two weeks away from it, it was surprising how much had slipped.

No doubt you found though that after an initial recall it may not have all come flooding back, but a significant part of it did.

Even today I found I still needed to glance for the odd prompt and correction. We’re not at the stage we can rehearse it without the book and say it all steadily and smoothly, but don’t worry, that day will come!

So to re-cap, we’re 43 days into our 100 days and we’ve learnt and revised the Installation Ceremony quite a few times, plus learnt and revised the Initiation Ceremony, though not too such a high standard as you’ll be rehearsing that in the weeks prior to the ceremony.

Over the coming 57 days we’ll be learning the Second and Third Degree Ceremonies, as well as spending more time revising and rehearsing for your Installation.

Not bad going!