Day 40 of 100: Charge in the North East

Hope you have recovered from yesterday where we revised from the end of the First Degree Obligation through to where the Candidate is moved to the North East in preparation for the Charge.

Revising Masonic Ritual, Day 35 of 100: Charge in the North East Part of the Lodge

I considered merging today’s first part of the Charge in the North East (pages 97-98 in my book of Emulation Ritual) with tomorrow’s revision and taking it right the way through to the end of the First Degree ceremony and Closing the Lodge, however, we’ve had a few long days of revision so deliberately kept today short.

We first covered this on Day 28, and then had another learning session on it on Day 35. This means that we’ve had two days focussed on learning, and now we continue this third run through, but on the revision phase.

Try to go through by memory, we aren’t at the stage yet where you’ll be rehearsing it whilst driving or walking the dogs, so have your blue book to hand and opened at the page, but try to avoid looking unless you are stuck and require a prompt.

Once you have gone through a passage check that you are correct, and if not, spend a couple of minutes working of the part you got wrong.

What we are revising today is only two paragraphs long, but each of those paragraphs pretty long and has some very awkward sentences. Remember we broke it done further into six more logical break points.

  • Explanation of the cornerstone, and that the candidate represents it,
  • That they now stand upright (just the single sentence),
  • You’ll be testing principles,
  • Explanation of charity,
  • All walks of life in Freemasonry,
  • Test principles by asking for a donation.

If you have managed to get through the Charge in North East with relative ease today then take the opportunity to spend a couple of minutes running through any parts of the First Degree ritual you have had problems with over the last few days.