Day 39 of 100: Lesser Lights and Entrusting

Day 39 sees us revising what we last went over on Day 34 of our 100 Day Study Plan to learn the Masonic Ritual, which combines what we first started learning on Days 24 to 27.

Yesterday was spent revising the First Degree Obligation, so that means…

Revising Masonic Ritual, Day 39 of 100: Revising First Degree Post Obligation, Lesser Lights, Entrusting and Investing with the Badge

This takes us from the end of the First Degree Obligation, up to the start of the Charge in the North East (pages 83 to 96 in my book of Emulation Ritual). Yes, it is a lot to cover!

Learning Masonic Ritual
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As this is our third session covering these parts we’ve now moved from the Learning to the Revision stages.

This isn’t rehearsal, but a continuation of learning, but now you are trying to recall the text before you read it, and don’t feel bad about getting prompts. As we’ve previously discussed a piece of paper is a useful tool to cover the ritual book and slowly reveal the text after you have recited it.

If you find that you are stuck then you can easily reveal the next line to start you off. Even if you think you are correct make sure you check you are were accurate as it’s easily to eliminate errors sooner rather than later.

So today we are revising:

There is a lot of work over these fourteen pages, though mercifully there is a perambulation so at least you get a short break whilst the Junior Deacon takes the Candidate to each of the Wardens, before wrapping up today’s work with the presentation of the Badge.

Don’t expect to blast your way through this. If there are any major sticking points spend a little extra time on them, and if needs be revisit them again at the end of the session. I keep saying this, but you aren’t expected to be word perfect or recall all of this yet. The revision part bridges the Learning and the Rehearsal stages. We won’t be rehearsing the First Degree as part of these hundred days as you’ll be rehearsing it in the weeks leading up to the First Degree ceremony, which is still at least a few months away at the soonest.