Day 3 of 100: Investing The Junior Warden

Yesterday was the second day of my 100 Day Plan to learn the ritual before going into The Chair of my Lodge. The idea of this 100 Day Plan is being word perfect when installing the Officers and closing the Lodge at my Installation meeting, and also to get a good grip on the rest of the other rituals for the coming year.

On the first day I concentrated on investing the Immediate Past Master, yesterday was investing the Senior Warden. Predictably today is…

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 3 of 100: Investing the Junior Warden

So, today is Day 3 of 100, and I’m looking at Investing the Junior Warden (pages 224-225 in my book of Emulation Ritual). Yesterday I realised that there was more to investing the Wardens that I naively assumed, but breaking down the passage into the natural components made it easier.

Investing the Junior Warden follows the same format so I can break it down into the components, though it isn’t an exact copy, such as Junior Warden is invested with a “Jewel and Collar”, whereas the Senior Warden was invested with an “Insignia”.

Therefore, the piece can be easily broken into:

  • Saying who will be JW and presenting them with the Collar
  • Explaining the Jewel
  • Explaining the Gavel
  • Explaining the Column
  • Explaining position and duties of JW (which is based on what the JW says during the opening and closing of the Lodge)