Day 22 of 100: First Degree Obligation

Day 22 of 100: First Degree Obligation

Hope you are keeping up with Learning the Ritual over this 100 Day Plan. I generally recommend spending somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes each day, I say this from experience of working my way through this plan, and so far (baring the last few days which have been problematic) most of the ritual I’ve learnt has been remembered. There are a few gaps but there’s plenty of time left to revise and rehearse.

On some days I’ve spent close to an hour, usually spread over a few shorter sessions, where I wanted to have a few more run throughs or re-cap the previous day’s work. The problem with learning is you need to allocate the time sit quietly with the Blue Book and read through without distraction, whereas later in the process the ritual can be rehearsed whilst driving or doing housework.

So, yesterday was getting the candidate in front the pedestal and ready for…

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 22 of 100: First Degree Obligation

This is a large piece of ritual (in my book of Emulation Ritual the First Degree Obligation is on pages 81-83).

This 100 Day course is to get you word perfect for your Installation 79 days away, and assuming the following month’s ceremony will be an Initiation, the soonest you will need to actually say the Obligation in Lodge won’t be for another 110 days.

Emulation Ritual Large Book
Emulation Ritual Large Book

Therefore, today, spend you time reading through the Obligation and getting familiar with the parts. The Obligation is made up of two paragraphs sandwiched between two short sentences. I recommend breaking these two paragraphs up into more logical bite-sized chunks. Either pencil some back slashes (/) in your book, or even re-type or re-write it out yourself.

In Emulation Ritual, I’d suggest breaking the Obligation into:

  • Introduce the Lodge and VSL,
  • What they are promising to do,
  • Who/where they can communicate,
  • The list of methods of writing, and on what,
  • That is shouldn’t be readable by anyone,
  • The points they swear to observe,
  • Why they shouldn’t violate the Obligation,
  • Finish

Again, you aren’t looking at learning this today, we’ll be coming back to it. For today just read it through slowly and adsorb the words. If bits do start sinking in then that is a bonus, but don’t try and learn the whole thing in just today’s session!

Remember, you have at least 110 days (probably longer) until you are performing this for real!