Day 2 of 100: Investing the Senior Warden

So yesterday was Day 1 of my 100 day revision plan to learn the ritual before going into The Chair of my Lodge – and already I realised I’ve missed a bit! Spent some time reading through and rehearsing the words for Investing the Immediate Past Master of the Lodge.

Well, that’s what I needed to learn? Yes? Of course, but in Kennet Lodge we have an extension that describes the history of Kennet’s IPM Jewel and the plaques on the collar that name the first 40 Masters of the Lodge.

Looks like I’ve given myself some extra homework to do!

Anyway, on to today, which is…

Learning Masonic Ritual, Day 2 of 100: Investing the Senior Warden

So, today is Day 2 of 100, and I’m looking at Investing the Senior Warden (pages 223-224 in my book of Emulation Ritual). I fell into the trap of thinking this was easier and shorter than it actually is when I had to learn this for an abridged Installation in a Lodge of Instruction.

I had foolishly thought it when along the lines of saying “I invest you with this Jewel”, then give an explanation based on the the Working Tools (already learnt from do it previously) and then finishing it with explaining the Senior Warden and duties as per the Opening/Closing, which I’ve been saying for the past year of occupying the Senior Warden’s chair.

Yes, it does have those elements, but the description of the Jewel (actually “insignia” for the SW, something else to remember) is different to the description of the Working Tool (even though it is the same item!). There is also the gavel and column. Therefore, the piece can be easily broken into:

  • Saying who will be SW and presenting them with the Collar
  • Explaining the Jewel
  • Explaining the Gavel
  • Explaining the Column
  • Explaining position and duties of SW (which is based on what the SW says during the opening and closing of the Lodge)