Day 17 of 100: Revising the Whole Installation Ceremony

Day 17 of the 100 Day plan to learn the Masonic Ritual to a level required before your Installation Ceremony. The plan is that you’ll be word perfect with investing your Officers and Closing the Lodge (which is all you really need to learn ahead of your Installation), and get a good grip on the other ceremonies.

Senior Warden Level
Senior Warden Level

That way, once you are in the Master’s Chair and the you are told “next month we are doing a..” you will have a good grounding and just need to spend the month revising and rehearsing the ritual – not learning it!

(Oh, and though it’s likely that the Secretary has provisionally planned the calendar for your year, it is subject to change as a candidate may drop out, or another may show interest.)

Over the last 16 days we’ve been learning the various parts, and starting to pull them together, now we are going to combine everything…

Revising Masonic Ritual, Day 17 of 100: Complete Installation Ceremony

Don’t be daunted, and chances are you’ve been doing this anyway. You’re not expected to be word perfect at this yet, and like yesterday I suggest opening the blue book to the required page of the piece, but avoid looking if necessary. In my book Investing the Officers starts on page 214 with the IPM, then picks up with the Senior Warden on page 223, through the Offices to page 235, then Resuming is on page 68 and Closing the Lodge is pages 62-65.

Junior Warden Plumb Rule
Junior Warden Plumb Rule

Try and get through as much of it as possible without looking, it may be worth making a note of areas that you need help with then skipping over that piece so you don’t get out of the flow, then reviewing these parts afterwards.

If in doubt have a guess and see how close you are. I’m willing to bet that you were pretty much there, a case of “the right words, the wrong order” and would have at least been able to communicate the sentiment of the line

One of the biggest issues I find is missing parts out all together, as often if you aren’t aware that you are missing a line then but default you aren’t aware you are missing it!

If possible have someone follow along with the book in their hand. Ask them only to give a prompt when you ask, and only offer a correction if you are making a big mistake or missing some. Then after you have finished the piece they can highlight any minor errors such as missed words, or swapping the order, etc.

By the end of this session I would hope you will be about 95% there with what you need to do at your Installation. There may still be the odd bit that needs attention, but if the ceremony was in a few days times it wouldn’t cause a panic.

Immediate Past Master Jewel
Immediate Past Master Jewel

Hopefully this draws a close to the “Learning” stage of learning the ritual, and the last week has been spent revising to get it into your memory. Over the coming weeks we will refresh this knowledge to keep it current, before giving it that final polish in the week prior to the ceremony.

Treat yourself to a cup of tea, you’ve earnt it!