Day 100 of 100: Good Luck

Day 100 out of 100 to Learn Masonic Ritual, and your Installation is tomorrow

Yesterday I advised you not to panic as you starting pulling together all the final parts for your Installation Ceremony, including the speeches and other parts of the Festive Board.

Masonic Ritual, Day 100 of 100: Good Luck

I don’t really need to tell you that today you should get in the odd rehearsal or two, and to run through your duties at the Festive Board. Plus also a good idea to make sure you suit it ready, shirt ironed and shoes polished so you aren’t faffing tomorrow afternoon!

Well done for making it through the 100 days, it’s been a slog, and 100 days ago was a long time ago.

Over that time you are hopefully prepared (at least as much you can be!) for your Installation, and have also had a bit of time to prepare for the ceremonies you’ll be performing during your time in the Chair.

Just think, after tomorrow you can relax knowing you are Master of your Lodge, and the day after that it’s time to start  revision and rehearsal ahead of your first ceremony!

Good luck once again, and enjoy it!