Day 1 of 100 Days: Investing The Immediate Past Master

It’s only 100 days until I get Installed into The Chair of Kennet Lodge!

It feels like it’s a long way off, yet at the same time I know that that’s the sort of the thinking that will get me in trouble. Because of that I’ve made a plan, breaking down the work into small chunks and working out a schedule learn, rehearse and get word perfect.

The idea is I spend 100 days to get word perfect with what I need to do during my Installation ceremony, as well as get familiarity with with the other ceremonies, so that it’s then a case of rehearsing and polishing, not learning.

I’ll break down each day what I do, and a summary, plus make tweaks along the way should anyone else want to follow my 100 Day To The Chair plan.

100 Days To Go: Learning Masonic Ritual: Investing IPM (The Immediate Past Master)

Immediate Past Master Jewel

So, today is Day 1 of 100, and Iā€™m looking at Investing the Past Master (page 214 in my book of Emulation Ritual). Not getting it word perfect, but having a few read throughs and familiarising with the structure of the piece, and the words used.

In Kennet Lodge we have an additional couple of sentences that describe some of the plaques attached to the collar, so need to include that in my learning too.