It’s been a long time coming, but finally “100 Days to Learn Masonic Ritual” is available to buy through Amazon!

Learn Masonic Ritual book
Learn Masonic Ritual book

The book is based on my blog of 100 days when I was preparing to go in the Chair of my Lodge in the Province of Berkshire. However, it’s not been simply cut and pasted. Each lesson has been completely revised and edited – taking the benefits of hind-sight into account – to ensure you have the maximum opportunity to make the best out of your own year in the Worshipful Master’s Chair of your Lodge.

You only need to put in 10 to 20 minutes work per day, but during the 100 days you will be fully prepared for your Installation ceremony, as well as have a very good knowledge of the First, Second and Third Degree ceremonies that you’ll likely be performing during your term.


Here’s the full description:

This isn’t just a book, but a complete 100 study guide to prepare YOU for your year as Worshipful Master in your Lodge.

The first section of this book is suitable for all Master Masons who are progressing through the offices of their Lodge and need to learn the Ritual.

In it you’ll learn:

* The process of learning, revision and rehearsal
* The best time of the day to learn
* The best places to learn
* How long to spend on effective learning
* Using memory tricks and techniques to assist you
* Getting the most from Lodge of Instruction
* Lots of other hints and tips to help you learn

The second section is to be started 100 days before your Installation date. Each day slowly builds up your knowledge of the Masonic Ritual in a structured and methodical way.

During this process you will:

* Be fully prepared for your Installation ceremony
* Have a full working knowledge of each of the Degree ceremonies you will perform during your year as Master.

Though based on Emulation Ritual (and referencing the 12th Edition version of the Ritual) this workbook can easily be adapted for all variation of Masonic Ritual practised in the UK and around the world. The lessons in the first section apply to all Masons.

“This workbook is based on my personal preparation for going into the Chair, but each session has been edited and adapted using the benefit of hindsight to ensure the reader gets the most of the course.” – Robert Bone

100 Days to Learn Masonic Ritual book
100 Days to Learn Masonic Ritual book
100 Days to Learn Masonic Ritual – The Workbook now available on Amazon
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